Wilson Football competes in the Moore League within the Pac 5 Division of CIF.

Moore League Teams include:

  • Wilson
  • Long Beach Poly
  • Cabrillo High
  • Lakewood
  • Millikan
  • Jordan
  • Compton

Coach Ziegenhagen’s message:

It is my personal belief that football involves so much more than just participation. Any athletic event that teenagers can participate in can segue to the real world.  Athletes learn skills such as hard work, accountability, commitment, team work, perseverance, and how to deal with and overcome failure.  These skills will be beneficial in the classroom, both high school and college, and in the real world.

My philosophy for the entire football program can be simply stated in three terms: organization, fundamentals, and motivation.  Players must have an idea of what we are trying to accomplish.  Practices and workouts are organized and have a purpose. Football is a simple game! The final outcome is usually based on who blocks and tackles the best. It is our job to teach blocking, tackling, running, and catching. The drills that we set up are based on this principle. We must teach the proper fundamentals to give our players the opportunity to succeed.

We will put our players in situations where they can be successful through hard work. Daily, we are in competition for young men’s attention with many other things. From TV to jobs, cars, other sports, many youngsters can be pulled away from football. It is our job to recruit players and motivate them to commit fully to football.

We will have fun on the practice field, and be enthusiastic, and enjoy what we are doing. The team concept starts at the top and trickles down to the support staff of trainers. To be a champion, you need to act like a champion. You need to prepare like a champion. You need to practice like a champion.

We expect our players to work like a “champion” in the weight room, in the classroom, on the football field, and in our community. Seniors are expected to show tremendous leadership and dedication to each other and the program. As seniors it is your responsibility to model COURAGE, COMMITMENT, LOYALTY, TRUST, and encouragement to your teammates. EVERYONE MUST WORK TOGETHER!

Program goals:

  • Do our best to win every game
  • Build to win a CIF Pac-5 Championship
  • Challenge yourself to be the best football player and student
  • Set the Example at school & off campus (Stay clear of trouble)