2017 Season Needs

One of the main goals of the Wilson Football Touchdown Club is to provide state of the art equipment, uniforms, nutrition, and  coaching to ensure safety and maximize competitiveness.

Each Season the Touchdown Club and Coach Ziggy evaluates the team needs for the upcoming season.  Coach Ziggy makes a “wish list,” and the TD Club raises the funds needed to make Coach Ziggy’s “wish list” come true.

For 2016, in addition to normal football operational expenses, there is a long list of needs for the team:

  • Weight room equipment ($3,000)
  • Locker room renovation ($5,000)
  • Segment Clock for efficient practice ($1,200)
  • 2x HD Video Cameras ($500)

The Wilson Football Touchdown Club is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and thus any donations are 100% tax deductible. Cash/check/credit card donations are all accepted. If you are interested in making a donation feel free to contact the President of the Touchdown Club for details.

Or you can send a check made payable to Wilson Bruins Touchdown Club:

Wilson Bruins Touchdown Club
P.O. Box 14924
Long Beach, CA 90853